See what 5 Godly women from different parts of the continent said about the book “Jael”

The book “Jael” has not ceased to garner reviews from godly women in and out of Nigeria, even before it was officially published.

These women who read it, have confessed that it was difficult to put it down while they read, they also explained how the book graciously challenged them to seek that personal relationship with Jesus amongst other benefits in the book

Here are the reviews on “JAEL”, we sure hope this will whet your appetite and make you want to download for free


Technology Policy, Gender & Social Inclusion, Government Relations.
Author -‘ _Hindsfeet_ ‘ The Good Portion.

Lagos, Nigeria.

“JAEL the book – is a timely, clear, compelling and riveting message for every woman who’s hungry to fulfil purpose. It doesn’t have to be convenient, appealing or glamorous for it to be God. Jael’s tent shows us God’s strategy for the battle of these last days – a people positioned only by the intelligence of heaven not by the schemes of men – and surrendered. I couldn’t rush this one. It’s not a snack, it’s a whole diet! You want to dive in.”


Human Resources personnel.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Great read for any woman – single or married. Thank you Ms Blessing for such a treasure! I have been encouraged to say “Yes” to God and not let excuses stop me from fully obeying the Lord. Jael will point you to Jesus and challenge you to get personal with Him. Know who you are as a Christian woman and be supportive of fellow sisters!”



Colorado, USA

“Wow, what a read. I could not put this book down, as I pause to reflect, and self evaluate. The book, “Jael” is packed with gratitude, humbleness, thoughtful questions, strong women of God, motivation, and much more.

What a perfect time in history for such a book like this. In this Covid-19 pandemic and racial unrest, this book is timely. A time where ordinary women can realize that we are a unique queen on top of the mountains that we face in life. A time where women can realize that we are queen in spite of naysayers, trials, and wrongs done to us. Women, arise there is non like you.

The author eloquently laid out the challenges, excuses, procrastination that besets us from rising up as queens and climb atop of the mountain top with our hindfeet. Women simply put, you have the feet for the high climb. God has a plan for us. We are graced, planned, and equipped for your unique call of God on your life. It got me to meet courageous and brave women of the Bible who stepped up to their unique call of God.

I 100% recommend that you read this book. Be empowered by who you are in christ- A child of God, and take your ‘Queenship’ and stand on your mountain.”


CEO Abreas drink/ Youth Pastor
Lagos, Nigeria.

“The book, Jael is a must read for every woman who longs for a walk with God.

This beautifully written tale on becoming the woman after Gods own heart should be in every woman’s bag like a make up purse 👍

It takes us through the various stages of crawling, walking, jogging and flying as high as we can with Jesus as our focus.”


Gospel singer and Serial Marketer. Lagos Nigeria.

“This book has helped me tremendiously in resetting a lot of things. Every line is worth your time.

This book is not just for ladies, it is highly recommended for anyone who has the calling of God upon his or her life. Do you feel insignificant in the scheme of things as far as God’s sent ones are concerned, Do you think you are too old to still become what God intends for you to be? Are you so gifted that you are afraid it may make you become proud?

You need to read this book…”

If you are yet to download and read “JAEL”……

Let me help you, 👇 is the link to JAEL GROUP ON *FACE BOOK* (it’s a community of women who will read together and be impacted by facilitators who will be prepared to bless you between- 25th July – 31st August, 2020)

And you can download the book here FOR FREE👉🏿…

Keep reading!


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