Someone I respect dearly ignited my interest in Joseph and I decided to zoom in a searchlight on him again, gladly I walked away with some lessons to enhance my walk with God and I wish same for you. So let’s go.

Joseph is the eleventh son of Jacob, aside David, He is one Bible character I hold in great esteem. The way the guy dished potiphers wife, we all know that too well.

Do you realise that there is a huge difference between the 17 years Joseph and the one who went into the prison and later became the prime minister?

Firstly, the former seemed too verbose and self-centered. He cared only about his dreams never caring about the dreams of the other people around him? The sons of Jacob were the 12 tribes of Israel and God had specific plan and role for each of them, theirs might never have come by a “dream”, However, that didn’t in any way made them useless. That kind thing that use to make us feel we are the only ones who have purpose and we brandish it in unhealthy ways. 😀
While the later Joseph, care about the dreams of others like the chief Baker and butler.

As a Christian if all you care about is how you hope to fulfill your dream, never realising that in God’s scheme of events, your dream is a microcosm of the entire of God’s plan and broad picture, to the extent that you can brush people and be insensitive to their emotions, you are not too far away from being frustrated.

In fulfilling your dreams, you need people (your brethren). We will look at this in more details in the days following.

Secondly, Jacob partially loved Joseph, bad sign. His brothers were incensed with Joseph, yet, Joseph wore the coat of many colours to the farm to visit his brothers.

Who does that?

If you ask me, that looked rather insensitive. If someone has never added pepper to your stone infested garri, you will not get this.😁

You may want to say, “what if that is the only cloth he had?”

Arguably correct, I don’t know. You can’t lead well if you are too insensitive to the emotional needs of the people around you.

By emotional, I do not mean indulgence.

The later Joseph went about abserving the demeanor of others. The Bible recorded that joseph inquired, ” why are you looking sad today” possibly he observed them daily in the prison.

Thirdly, Joseph reported his brothers and I asked why?

Reporting is not the issue, no!

Our motives for reporting is the key thing to consider. Could he have corrected them in the farm and buried it there, considering the current jealousy that hung loosely on the walls of that home.

Why did he report his brothers to their father, why do you easily run to the pastors to report your brethren when you can get involved in the dirtiest part of their lives and intervene. Like Jesus washing the feets of His disciples. Why do you report?
Is it to curry favour?
To paint the other person bad so you could ascend in whatever cadre?

I do not know the motive of Joseph, but there are some learning and inward search for us to consider. We look at this in more details in the following days.

Lastly, what if God allowed events to work out this way to pull Joseph into the dreams he had prepared for him?
What if your current situation is working an eternal weight of glory for you, much more than you can ever fathom.

Whew! Let’s see these more vividly in the coming days.

Happy New month,
Happy New week,



OBSTACLES, The Act of Confronting the Enemy with God’s Word In Your Mouth.

So David strode towards Goliath with that confidence that could bully a lion.

No helmet.

No sword.

No efizy.

No charisma, But in simple poise, noiseless, but profound and founded in God alone.

Goliath laughed. Daunting faith is a joke to the unbelieving.

So Goliath mocked David, “hey! Do I look like a dog that you have come to me with a stave, you are cursed. If you dare go beyond that line, I will kill you without flinching and the birds of the air will have a good lunch on your body”

David observed Goliath and thought to intimate him on the modalities of the fight,

“you brought spear, sword and shield to fight me, unfortunately, you are fighting with the God of Israel whom you have set yourself against by speaking ill of and you are finished, because, He is done with you”

David looked intently at Goliath, “the birds of the air have earned a meal, your big body is enough for them all. Today everyone will know that there is a God who doesn’t care about swords, spear and the likes; you are finished for God is done with you”

Goliath, got angry and went against David.

David ran towards Goliath, put his hand in his bag to pick a stone, he slang it and smote Goliath’s head.

You know the end pretty well.

Post Script.

One day, three confrontations, David scaled the obstacles.

His brother, his king, the enemy.

Are you lingering in self-pity, despair, discouragement, because ‘people’ are saying or have said things to you?

So you have packed your bags, bade farewell to what God has called you to do on the earth because, “they said”.

See, when you get to heaven, and you are faced with God, believe me, you will not be able to say your excuses.


You will see people who had worse fortune, disadvantaged in every way, yet were able to ride upon the wings of their challenges to be exactly who they were created to be.

Your ears will tingle,

Cold shivers will attack you,

Your hands will be held akimbo,

You will know it’s not a lie.

Words could discourage any one but not David. He had mastered the art of using the words people said to him as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

What are your excuses?

Drown the voice of self-doubt, and those contrary voices that are not in consonance with the voice of truth. If God says you can do it, no one, nothing can stop you except you.

Have a great day.

Remember, at the end of this fight, the king and Eliab will join in celebrating this victory and that is okay.


OBSTACLES, The Art Of Convincing Your ‘King’ With Your Past Experiences.

“So what shall be given to the man who kills the giant and remove the shame from Israel,” David refused to be quiet.

Another man answered David.

“Sir, who does he think he is to speak boldly against God’s own people” David complained

He went ahead until words got to Saul. “Who is he? Bring him here” Saul commanded.

A man tapped David on the back, “did you say you can kill the giant, Goliath?”

“Yes God is able to deliver him into my hands, he is an uncircumcised philistine, we are God’s army. He is no match for us”

“Saul has asked me to bring you” Saul’s servant whispered.

Excitement grew inside David; he knew this was God’s victory.

Saul, who thought he would see a tall, valiant looking man saw a young David walking behind his servant. His disappointment was revealed all over his demeanor. He looked David over with that curiosity.

David quickly caught the smirk on Saul’s face, “sir, please don’t be afraid, because I look young”

King Saul looked at David and smiled, shook his head,

“Young man, you cannot go against this Goliath, you are only a young boy” King Saul thought to expatiate for David’s understanding, “You see that giant, he has been fighting from his youth”

It sounded like finality. All hope seemed lost. It sounded like finality.

Enough to close the shops for the day and order sellers to go home, but not David. He came to fight for the head of Goliath, it was a done deal.

It will only take his willingness and David had it in plenteous measure. He wanted to convince King Saul for he knew God was surely going to step in as soon as he goes out in faith, he was sure.

His past victories. seemingly hopeless circumstances that turned hopeful. They paged through his memory like the pages of a book. The lion. The bear.

“Sir, there was this day, I kept my father’s sheep, first it was a lion that took one of them” David heard himself as he began talking,

“Against the voices of the other shepherds to count my loss and protect the remaining, I went after the lion, I smote it, recovered the lamb out of its mouth and when it came against me, I held it beards and killed it, I did exactly the same to a bear” the eyes of the men popped and their mouths were left open at the tales they heard David narrated

“I tell you with certainty this uncircumcised philistine will be like one of those animals.”

Saul pouted, nodding in agreement,

“The Lord, who delivered me from the lion and the bear, will deliver me from this uncircumcised philistine.” David finally ended.

“Ok, the Lord be with you” Saul continued, “but come with me, I know what can help you kill the philistine”

David followed Saul obediently.
“Take this, it is proven, that is my expensive armor, strong bronze helmet, take this coat of mail, you are fortified”

Saul smiled, “you can now go against him.”

David fastened his sword to his armor and tried to walk, he managed again, and it proved difficult. How would he reject Saul’s armor? How would he discard such benevolence?

David looked at Saul, “sir, I cannot walk with this, for I have never used them before” he bent his head down, quietly untying them and pulling them off.

He took his staff, walked to a nearby brook, bent down to take five smooth stones, foist his sling on his shoulders and walked towards Goliath.


How do you respond when your king feels you cannot achieve that thing you knew you were born for?

See, it is easier when it is Eliab than when it is your king.

How do you convince King Saul? This is where we are mostly trapped.

David leveraged on his past victories, so do not despise the days of little beginning.
They are a major part of this deal. We are daily loaded with benefits.

Give every opportunity same effort and energy. Chronicle them for the days will come when you will need to recount them so you could convince others that the God who helped you in the yesteryears hasn’t changed.

David rejected the armor put upon him by his benevolent king. He walked away from the crowd to the middle of the battle.


OBSTACLES, part 1.

David wondered along from exhaustion as he approached Shochoh. He held his finger over his face, gathered the sweat that had formed beads on his brow and swat them against the hot Judah ground.

He turned and saw a man who was controlling three sheep, “sir, please have you seen my brothers, the sons of Jesse”

The man turned and recognized him as the youngest of Jesse’s sons.

“David, yea I have” he pouted and pointed towards the wall of Elah, “there, walk down, you will find them in the battle, be careful.”

“Thank you sir”. David hurried on foisting the bag that enclosed the corn, loaves of bread, and cheese meant for his brothers and their captains.

As soon as David saw the crowd, curiosity led him by the hand. He heard the voice of a tall gallant man, stretching his head above the crowd; anguish rose up in his belly.

“How come he speaks this way and no one could stop him” David thought to himself.

Eagerly wanting to see what was going on; David hastened his steps while his eyes rummage through the crowd looking for his brothers.

“sir, have you seen my brothers, the sons of Jesse” David called out to a soldier who looked war-tired and was retreating,
“i…..i…..” the man suddenly took to his hills as soon as he saw the Israelites withdrawing, David went after the man who jumped huddles and docked behind a heap of debris.

“sorry i…. i….” the man bent forward panting rigorously “this is how we have been running back and forth from that giant over there. The king is really concerned and he is willing to enrich anyone who can kill him, he will gain the kings daughter and his family will be free from taxes.”
After explaining the man heaved a sigh of relief. “Sorry, what was your question again?”

A fresh feeling tugged inside David making him know this was his fight, the bubble inside him was jolting. David became interested in asking more questions.

“soldiers, this man is a philistine and he is no match for the weakest Israelite, Who does he think he is to speak boldly against God’s own people?” his words attracted some more men, “ So all these things you mentioned will be given to whoever removes this shame from Israel?”

“Yes, I tell you the truth” the man confirmed.

The men were stunned by his unequivocal effrontery and boldness; they kept repeating what shall be done to the one who kills Goliath. Some looked David over trying to match his words with his stature.

Just then, David felt a hard hand on his shoulders that turned him around,

“David!” Eliab furrowed his brow

“Eliab, I greet you” David mustered.
Ignoring his pleasantries, “what brought you here? Who did you leave papa’s few sheep with?”
“i….i….” David tried to explain but his brother interjected again.

“David, I have often told you, I know your kind of pride and curiosity. This deception in your heart will kill you, say the truth, you are here to feed your eyes” Eliab shakes his head in disgust.

David couldn’t swallow the pain of frustration that was choking him. The men he was speaking to fired him a look this time.

“What have I done wrong by coming to see you, don’t you think God must have brought me here for something?” David retorted.

David turned away from his brother to the men and continued asking, “what shall be done to the man that takes away this shame from Israel?”



Obstacles, we all face them, but we must learn to choose our battles in life, conserving our energies for the real FIGHT with the real enemy.

WE MUST Master the skill of quietly walking away.

Imagine if David had faced his brother there and then. He walked away from his brother to the real enemy, Goliath.

We all must get to this point, a point where you know you are born for something more. Even though your Convictions are almost buried by the voices around you, you must.

Eliab was David’s brother yet he couldn’t see beyond what he thought he knew about David.

Sometimes it is difficult to convince others, don’t take offence. Those who can’t have your faith do not hate you, they want evidences. You owe them your consistency, your humility and your love.

So David quietly turned from Eliab and went ahead asking.
“So what shall be done to the man who kills the giant and remove the shame from Israel, who does he think he is to speak boldly against God’s own people”



Don’t ever think or feel you have a monopoly on God, it’s a mindset we must shrug off.

My NYSC year is still my best year yet.

NCCF was the glitz of that year, serving Christ alongside other vibrant Christians, who were willing to empty themselves on the Lord and His work was enough zest.

We were just like that.

As a member of the children outreach group, we went on a weekly visitation to our various clubs where the kids waited with gusto to be taught by some corpers from the family house.

On my first visit, my partner and I were introduced to our new club and the ball was set to start rolling.
My partner seemed to have some brave experiences with kids unlike me who was some sort of a newbie, I had to learn the ropes.

I was excited at what I thought was a good reception from the kids. Bright brains, I concluded. As sweet as the rise of dawn, I had promises of a sweet sail and my prospect seemed rich.

Improbably, we had these kids, three of them from the same family. You can’t but notice them with the rapt way with which they attended to questions. Their hands were always raised.

I loved them.

They gave me so much hope,


Each time you didn’t call theirs amongst the hands raised, you sure will notice their angst and the rapidity with which their mood changed.

They could all stand up, dust their slippers, in unison they will leave for home. All attempts to have them stay back always proved impossible.

You dare not give any compliment whatsoever to another kid. They coaxed me to go to their home. They felt they owned me. They were never willing to share “aunty” with anyone else, not even their best friends.

This was really a bother, I wanted to be every child’s aunty, I didn’t like the box they were trying to fit me in.

To keep them in the class, to make them happy, I had to be cautious of how I related with the other children. This was so unfair on the other kids and I knew it.

I wanted to keep them in the class but also be as free as the wind.
Believed me, i prayed severally about this.
It drove me to the internet, “how do you help jealous kids” for lack of what to type, “how do you cope/ manage with kids who wants to have you only for themselves”.

My frustration grew every week that went by.

Did Jesus have to deal with same? Yes!

Mark 9:38-40{NIV} “Teacher” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he is not one of us” his disciples complained.

So these men asked the person to stop simply because he was not one of them. He was not in their group, circle, church and they asked him to stop.

They sure expected Jesus to approve their decision and probably applaud their effort.

“Do not stop him” Jesus said, “for no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for whoever is not against us is for us”

I can imagine the shocker this was for the disciples who once asked, “Who is the greatest amongst us?”

My brother and sister,

Gone are the days we will allow our territorial behavior, jealousy or self-centeredness to hold us down. God has many children, in many places, doing great things, ‘you’ are not “all of them”. we will be wiser to plug in and align.

“He is not a member of my church” “she is not a member of our group” is stale gist.

Who told you God would have to use only members of your group? Who says God would have to consult your group in his decision making process.

Yes, put on your discernment cap, know God’s word enough to spot errors but do not hold yourself back from the many blessings God is churning out because of territorialism and denomination spirit.

The kind of revival God is springing in this time and age is too big for the shoulders of just a few, He is using the unusual, those who are emptied of themselves and yearning for Him.

As long as they are not against God’s kingdom and work, plug in, pray for them, propagate it and you surely would share in the booties of that war. No one has a monopoly on God.

Back to my story,

The three kids finally stopped coming to the club when they discovered they couldn’t own “aunty”.
We tried all we could, It was painful for me, they loosed out on all God had for them.

If we do not correct this mindset, we might equally lose out on what God is doing in the now.


Book Review, “Hinds feet” by Tope Ogundipe.

I should have read this book in one month, October, but I couldn’t. I did in three days, turning pages into the night and early hours of the morning, I was spellbound.

Words can’t adequately describe how I felt while reading, the ups and downs of emotion, anger, pain, happiness, bethrayal et al.

This is a must read for all Christians especially the married.

The story opened with a plot that gradually drew me into the scenes, scenes that resonated deeply. Very realistic with each character having their own share of challenges however perfect their lives seemed.

The characters I was drawn to;

I loved Vera because she seemed to mirror clearly my often quiet withdrawn nature whenever hell is let loosed on me. She gave me a definition for what I had often thought to be my strange nature.

I loved Adesola more for the work done at communion centre. Christians are the hope of the world. I understood better the need to shine as light in the midst of darkness. As Christians, we live in hope, a hope that does not bring shame, what a privilege?
The excitement that filled my soul at the tail end of chapter 16 can only be described as a slice of heaven on Earth.

Tope Ogundipe explained the mountain goat and the hindsfeet concept. At this point, I took a break, prayed in tongues for some time, paced in my room vigorously, cried. The way the scripture is woven and littered in the entire story could only make you pause, ponder or pray.

I love Tope Ogundipe the most for allowing God use her to pen down this revelation.

It sure helped me understand better this revival of prayer God is birthing in the lives of the women in our nation.

God is on the move, no one can stop Him, His kingdom is here, and we are either constantly asking Him, “Lord what are you doing now on the earth so I can align and be a part” or we will loose out.

Oh! How I wish Christian women will get past their limitations, Lord may we get past our comparing ourselves unfavourably with ourselves which is not wise. stop the war of the Titans and bond in ways that dazzle principalities and powers. That we all will be willing to die to ourselves and encourage or nudge the next woman into the centre stage without a whit of jealousy. These women in this novel and their praying group opened a new Vista as to what God can do when we agree and pray. I know heaven awaits such.

Some books are gold meant to be kept safe, this is one of them.


Love, passion, fantasy, emotions are synonymous with the teenage life,

I remember the consistent monitoring of the clock, ensuring 7pm meets you on your way out of the door. It was common.

This is the exact time your instinct tells you there is a textbook to be picked up from Tope who lived down the road when you actually know Tunde is the one by the corner of the street standing aloof.

So mother frowns and retorts, “I want you back in five minutes, see this spittle on the floor, it mustn’t get dry upon your return”

“Yes Mom” you said with a grin hoping this kind of special grin would grease the visage of your rock-faced-looking-mother.

To no avail, so you showed her your back, running with your heel touching your head, running blindly, intoxicated by “love’s” wine.
Racing to the place your heart has been all day.How sweet this will be if we find this escape convenient to do with our lover, Jesus.


Believe me, I feel there is a spiritual location somewhere in the realm of the spirit where truth is constantly being shared. A place where issues are decided.

The heavenly counsel, Like an ongoing meeting…… A place where those who are thirsty can quickly dive in to get refreshed, where weak people gather to get rejuvenated, where weary souls can find comfort, a place you can kiss the feet of your Lord.

If you are not there, you are not there.

To steal some time out of your secular job, open your Bible, and join in this ongoing meeting. Listen to the truth the Holy spirit is sharing in the meeting, chew the word the more before returning back to work. As you continually chew, it will soon crack open in your mouth filling you with heaven’s excitement.

If you refuse to attend such meetings, you will lose out.

If you are not there, you are not there.

Sometimes your quick words of prayers will pull you up to this meeting location as you join in interceeding and deciding on earthly events, those times you bowed your heads in prayer, or stand, or visit the gents/ladies, or roam the stairways and corridors, no matter how small, you will catch up with heaven’s gist.

If you refuse to do this, you will be missing out my sister and brother,

for if you are not there, you are not there,

This is the great escape.

The escape involves breaking out of the mundane to experience the supernatural, it cannot be left to time and chance or only when we are in church. Times like this must be calculated, intentional and deliberate.

If not, you will be the one losing out,

because if you are not there, you are not there.

Songs of Solomon 2:10-13.
“My beloved spoke, and said to me, ‘rise up my love, my fair one and come away.
For lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.
The fig tree put up her green figs, and the wine with the tender grapes, give a good smell.
Rise up my love, my fair one and come away”