The Blessedness of Having Spiritual People in your Circle.

Dealing with friends or colleagues who are or tend to be ‘more spiritual’ than you could pose some challenges at times.

Do you feel that hotness in your gut times they always seemed to have a spiritual twist to everything?

Spiritual this, spiritual that. Prayer this, prayer that, God’s will this, God’s will that…….

They could be mentors, friends, your accountability partners, or even a random colleague at work, who seemed to be taking this ‘spirituality thing’ a bit too far for comfort.

Like everything must have a root in the bible. Jesus must be at the Centre of all things.

How do you always feel?

One of the worst things we can do to ourselves is to push them away or belittle them.

She may never dress smart like you would but your spirit certainly bears witness with hers that she is a child of God, don’t belittle her.

He may not be swift in speech like you but his unorganized way of saying deep spiritual truth always make you know you have missed some fellowship time with the Lord, don’t belittle him

They may nor share your secular ideologies on secular subject, never belittle them.

Some gifts are wrapped in all forms of decorative packs but some are wrapped in human bodies, believe me, the latter are more precious.

If you are the most ‘spiritual’ such that any other person who has some better knowledge and life of God is looked down on, see, there is a problem, lie not against this truth.

We must make effort to have people who are seemingly more spiritual (promptness in obedience to God and a dedication to knowing God’s will and fellowship with Him) than us in our circle of friendships. One of the easiest things to do is to keep looking out for faults in their lives to use to pin them down. Or, to begin comparing yourself with them.

Don’t be intimidated by them and keep helping them to fan the embers of their spirituality because you will always need them.

They become the propellant you need when the flies of indifference towards God feast on your sored soul. They become the driving force on the day you need a push. Your thinking of them and how they pull through the pressures of life will awaken within you that zest for God.

May you always have people up there who can pull you.

On those days when you are overtaken in a fault and the devil has just pocketed his hands to draw up a red card on you. You have friends who would carry placards of red and on it will be boldly written,

“Remember The Blood”

They will remind you of all that Jesus did for you and how He has secured a place for you in heaven, it is on such days you will know the value of being comfortable with friends who are more spiritual than you.

Let irons sharpen one another.

“Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” proverbs 27:17

Don’t avoid them, for however fierily hot a log might be in a fire, once it is removed from the fire place, it begins to douse but as long as it is in the fire place with other logs, it keeps burning.

Stay in the community of people who are more spiritual.
Stay with friends who keep you focused on Jesus and never be intimidated by their life or relationship with God.




For Timilehin, the words that hung on the roof of his mind was, “marriage gone sour”.

His bride of only one month has suddenly grown cold towards him. All attempts at getting her to speak about her hurt were met with her,

“I’m alright”

Her vivacious nature has caved in – to a sombre nature and yet she is alright. Her claims……

He dragged a pillow on the bed and placed his head on it as he watched the blades of the fan chase one another.

They already told him marriage is made for the determined and patient and it is not innoculated from misunderstandings but, he thought his is rather coming too early. However, he decided he would confront the issue that night and end her strange mood swing.

“Babe, are you alright” he stretched out of bed to face Rose who walked into the bedroom.

“I’m alright” she returned casually.

“No, you are not” he tried to explain.

She kept quiet while trying to clear the reading table.

” Your mood Is not good and you keep saying you are alright” he forced himself to mutter.

“What else do you want me to say?” She argued firmly.

Timilehin sat up abruptly, looked into her eyes, “say anything, say the things bothering you, at least start from there”

She looked into his pleading eye, inhaled some air to suppress her emotion, looked away, and forced herself to look again into his eyes, “ok, ” she swallowed hard, “you never introduce me when we go out, all you do is introduce yourself and act as though you are not married”

An alarm rang wildly in the head of Timilehin who had concluded himself to be the perfect husband so far.

“I…I…I wanted” Timilehin stuttered a bit wondering how this could be a problem.

” But I wanted you to be you, i wanted you to introduce yourself” he finally found his words.

“That’s the problem, Timi, we are one now, whoever meets you should meet me as well”

Timilehin opened his mouth perplexed.



Since we are one with Christ, can people easily meet Christ when they meet us?

Or He is caged inside us and only release when we are in church?

This is a serious question to ponder deeply on.

Those of us who know Jesus, sometimes keep him safe only within the confines of our home or heart. like a sick child we do not want to come to the public. We only allow Him to come forth when we are in church.

Truth be told, Christ is always willing to meet our friends, colleagues and family members through us but He is caged in us. He is told when to come out and how to behave in public.

How come people meet you and miss Christ?

People can not smell Him,

No! No inkling of him in your conversation, you are so secular, well blended and intertwine with the world’s way of doing everything and this your Jesus will comply because his hands are tied.

How come people meet you and miss Christ?

This is not about constantly punctuating your conversation with, ” Jesus”
But will your pals and cronies know or sense that Jesus Is living and breathing through you when they leave you?

Why is it difficult for Jesus to break through and relate with your friends?

Act 4:13(amplified version)

Now when the men of the Sanhedrin (Jewish High Court) saw the confidence and boldness of Peter and John, and grasped the fact that they were uneducated and untrained [ordinary] men, they were astounded, and began to recognize that they had been with Jesus.”

For the disciples, the people noticed that they were uneducated but they could not miss the second part, that they had been with Christ”

No one could miss that part, Christ was free to break through their lives and be noticed significantly by others.

Is this your life?

Or, people only nod their head as they walk away,” that’s a brilliant acountant” “excellent presentation” ” perfect doctor” “good engineer” ” intelligent lawyer”

And that’s all

They miss the most important part.

How easily can christ break through you to meet your friends and everyone around you.

Or, He is caged and only release at your command or when you are in church.

Like Rose said, “we are one now, whoever meets you should also meet me”

This Is what it means to let your light shine before men.


The Exploited.

Jimmy is that dark lanky guy who has a dimple that could hold some drops of water. He is the cynosure of all eyes, the gossip of all the ladies including me.

His Island job is lucrative enough to fetch him a two-bedroom apartment at Berger and a Toyota Camry car. Contentment is his thing and his friends are often on his case to get a girlfriend.

Some 8 years ago, He loved a damsel, but could not muster the courage to tell her. He kept procrastinating his telling her until she got engaged to his friend, Tim. The fear of marrying the wrong person- anuptaphobia- has put him behind bars but he seemed not to care.

Last week Friday, he picked his car key from his table at work and marched towards the parking lot. Something seemed wrong with his abruptness but he was not willing to tell anyone. He killed the engine of his car by turning the key right in front of the hotel and watched the way prostitutes’ sashed their hips expecting their customers.

He saw the fair one. Pretty innocent-looking fair girl. Others were either dark or tanned-skinned but she was fair, rosy-fair skin.

Jimmy shook his head avoiding looking at the others but the fair one.

“Return to the office” his heart whispered to him,

He resisted the urge to return, headstrong on following through with his sudden decision. He thought of Collins and how his best friend would respond later to his decision, he dismissed it again and alighted.

He stood in front of the fair one, “what would it take to have you for one week?”

“Bros, na money be that o” she said smiling while her colleagues chuckled and chatted about her luck.

“Okay, I will pay you the worth of a week, can you get your things?” he voiced.

“Yes na, give me small time” she retorted.

He liked the way she smiled; he buried his hands in his pocket looking into space. The other prostitutes who noticed he was avoiding their stares, intentionally said words to his hearing.

Jimmy entered his car and depressed the button that opened the passenger’s side. The fair one hopped in almost carelessly looking happy.

“You are not strapped in” he said gently.

“ehen! Wetin be that na” she inquired.

“You are not strapped in” he explained using his hands to buttress his words.

She began laughing hysterically, “okay na” she grabbed the seatbelt and forced it into the compartment under her arm

“Can you be my wife?” he looked at her considerately and affectionately, “I mean I would love…..” he corrected himself as he drives his fingers through his hair, “I for like follow you go house, go see you parent,” he thought for a while. “so that I go marry you” he nodded vigorously to be sure she understood him “Let’s go see them now” he ended.

“Which kind trouble be this na, many men get different style o, this your own no bam sam sam!,” she laughed, “oga change this style before I change am for you”

Jimmy looked away.

Believe me, this is the kind of love that got us saved.

Unbelievable, indescribable, unfathomable and you can give it all the good able-ending-words.

But just yesterday’s morning, my heart and prayers went out to those who were ripped off by those they had once looked up to, people molested by their biological parents and those whose church or fellowship leaders molested them, especially those these experiences have affected in mean state.

The youth president who pretended to really care and you watched him gradually drew you in only to exploit you and this experience has left you battered and sour at God and His people.

A parent who continually had sex with you and yet pretended to love you and these also have discolored how you look at Christians and God.

Or, you probably lived with someone and they exploited you and your innocence.

I don’t know how it feels but I know how you can feel going forward, if you can just choose to let go and let God.

I pray this noontime that God will open your heart to His Love.

My weak attempt at telling jimmy’s story is inadequate in explaining the love of God and I am very much aware of that fact.

Don’t use your past hurt as a tool to hold back on God and His people. Much more than you can ever imagine, God has a great plan for you and He is not joking about it.

Apostle Paul was speaking and he said,

Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God was pleading through us, we implore you on Christ’s behalf, be ye reconciled to God” 11 corin 5:20.

Don’t allow any past experience be an excuse why you should reject the love of the Father.

Be reconciled to the father and you will be fine, I am too sure.


How to take corrections.

One of the most difficult things to do these days is to give or take corrections.

I read in a post this morning that your spiritual maturity is evidenced in the way you receive correction and criticism without being defensive.

The current narrative on correction goes like this;

“Bimpe, you might encounter some trouble with the way you are trailing”

“Is it your trouble? Since it is mine, leave it for me”

Whether it is in the joke or seriousness of this, sometimes we lost gems that are meant to make us better people, in the process.

“Is it your stealing ? Lying? Gossip? Is it your life? ” The list goes on.

So you are wary about correcting people.

Also, it’s not just others; I am equally sandwiched in this thing. We expect others to easily take to corrections while we have cogent excuses or explanations for every of our actions explaining away the corrections we should have taken in.

I had an experience at work recently and it was really humbling. I held on to my position like a drowning swimmer would hold on to a life guard’s rope,
But I had that ghen! ghen!! moment when it just dawn on me like, “you see she is correct and your pride just began to whittle away.

My concern was this, “why did it take me so long to see this? It probably would have been easier if I had taken my mind off my self for a moment and try to see things from the other persons perspective, yah!

Much more than my excuse and explanation, pride stood squared-shouldered on each arm and it was later I knew I needed that correction.

So how do you handle corrections.
1. Correction is humbling and it is a gift from a gracious God. Sometimes when you feel you are doing well and tempted to feel you know approximately all things, you are reminded that you only know in part.

2. It makes you less self-centered. No matter how offended you are by the correction, be careful enough to consider that this correction is very important to the person correcting you. Don’t be good in your own eyes, the scripture teaches.

For example, The person has said you snore when you sleep. You may want to argue that snoring is a natural action you do not have a control over. At least give it a thought and realise it might mean alot to the person talking about it. He might just be finding it really difficult sleeping around you; that you might be inconveniencing the next person should bother you and you should think through ways to help ameliorate the situation.

3. Fight the temptation to also want to pick on the person’s weakness.
When we are being corrected, we have the tendency to find fault in the person correcting us.
“If you are waiting for a perfect person to correct you, you will get to heaven before finding one” Pst Dele Oyeleru.

4. Have a large heart. Irrespective of how bad the correction was related, try not to take offence, accept it and move on. If there are areas you need to adjust, do so and just move on. Pray, make jottings, apologies, say thank you and move on.

One of the best virtues to learn as a believer Is to learn how to take corrections.
Sometimes pride wants to stand in our way.
While we grow in God lets not grow beyond taking corrections as this is a major part of our growth in God.

Taking to Correction helps you to erase a wrong.

God corrects us.

“And you have forgotten the Divine word of encouragement which is addressed to you as sons. My son, do not make light of the discipline of the Lord and do not lose heart and give up when you are corrected by him. For the Lord disciplines and corrects those whom he loves” heb 12:5-6

And God does this through His word and others.


THE DESIRE TO EXPLORE, My valentine story and the God who held my spine.

From humanity’s first cry, we all love to explore.

To test the limits,

To see what lies on the other side of the divide,

To research on “why we shouldn’t”

From that little toddler wondering at the sight of a fire, lit on a candle stick, to that adult driven by the need and desire for knowledge, we all love to explore.

Let me tell you my first valentine’s attempt that was hampered by Divinity.

Like many other teenagers, some fifteen years ago, my elder brother and I left the house that morning pretending we were headed to school. Our school bags heavier than usual, housed the extra clothes we had stuffed in them.

At an earlier meeting, our friends and we had decided “water parks” had us on Val’s day and we must make it happen by all means.

I was crushing on one of my brother’s friends and it was obvious we were somewhat dating.

Dreams of swimming with him in the pool made my head drowsy and my vision hazy.😍 Lol.

The logistics were left to the boys and they sat together at the home we had agreed to meet while the ladies gossiped about. They discussed about the things they would do to their girl-friends, at the end of the meeting, my brother came over to me,

“Blessing you are not going with us” he informed me.

“Yes, I am going” I countered firmly.

Before I knew it, my brother spoke to the ears of all and sundry, “Blessing is not going with us”

Embarrassment washed over me like a downpour, I tried to argue with him but he was firm and final.

With all the explanations and pleading from my brother’s friends, he was firm and final.

I looked at my brother with so much disdain and hatred that could crush an entire city. Unflinching, he held his eyes straight.

I watched them board and drove off- my brother wouldn’t blink.

I hated him for being a kill-joy

I hated him for considering me naïve.

Off course some years later, I knew better and loved him for stepping in the way of my fantasies and eroding it with those words, “Blessing, you are not going with us”

Then I loved God more for loving me so much even before I committed my life to Him. Such Grace, such mercy.

Yea, I know that desire to check out what the other side is like, like many of us want to,

To test atheism,

to explore masturbation,

to explore sex and feed the pictures harassing your brain,

to see pornography with the excuse of “let’s learn what sex would look like in marriage”,

To test how strong you are emotionally by allowing and accommodating some touch here and there.

There is nothing on the other side, I tell you the truth.

Those who tried exploring are often captured in a never ending tunnel of continual exploration. You keep exploring until you become a shadow of what you were created to be.

The search continues until you abandon the Holy Spirit for immediate gratification.

Nothing in this world can satisfy, you keep gnawing for more and more and more.

Jesus is the cup that won’t run dry.

Many people are trapped in a never ending circle who only wanted to take a peep at what’s going on on the other side

Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage”

Be focused, you run faster this way,

Pursue Christ; your rewards are sure,

Strive to be all you were created to be, don’t waste heaven’s resources.



My elder brother is all the shades of cuteness, like my Dad, he loves to chase the leather.

Football, for him is a luscious meal.

For you and I, number two is the second number on the decimal number system but not for my brother, it is the wing He is gifted to play; right back defender and he shares this with my dad on any football field.

As pretty little girls, my sister and I were periodically summoned by our Dad to go join my brother on the field to cheer him on.

Flanked by our father’s sides, we both would walk on shoes made of pride. Happy to obey father, happy to cheer on one of our own.

As soon as we navigated the steep path towards the field, our brother who had been expecting us would fire us a grin, we would take it in and reciprocate graciously. My brother, will be re-energized with vigour to play with a speed commensurate to the cheetah’s.

One beautiful thing I noticed at our arrivals was the way his coach and my Dad stood gallantly as instructors. While his coach screamed instructions at them, my dad who felt he is a veteran in that wing always knew the best way my brother would have placed the ball or the pass.

Trust my sister and I, we would not allow our inexperience to rob us of the fun and apprehension of the moment, we screamed his name, we cheered, and it is all geared towards one end, we wanted him to win.

So I ask,

Who is your instructor?

Who are your company?

I find a scripture so cute,

Jesus had already told us we would do really well, when we have His Holy Spirit for our instructor,
John 14:26-27

“I’m telling you these things while I am still living with you, the friend, the Holy spirit, whom the father will send at my request, will make everything plain to you, he will remind you of all the things I have told you, I’m leaving you well and whole, that’s my parting gift to you. I don’t leave you the way you are used to being left, feeling abandoned, bereft, so don’t be upset, don’t be distraught”

Who would you want to instruct you this year, people? Or God’s spirit?

Then, who are the people in your company?

Are they fans who can easily change allegiance when you cease to perform or meet their expectations? True godly friends stick through the process.

Such that on the days my brother refused to bring to us the trophy,

we stood by to share in that down moment, when he and his team-mates sit on the grass or on the bare-floor before the coaches to get rebukes for his or their inadequacies, we do not turn our backs like the fans, we stayed back waiting to pat his back and lead him home.

Look out for these kind of friends, they are not everywhere, when you find them encourage them.

When God’s word and the Holy Spirit are your number one instructors and you are edged with a godly company of older and younger Christian friends and mentors, you are sure to touch down in safety.



This article kept going through my mind some time ago, and I knew God has a message and a word of encouragement for the singles, or anyone asking questions, so please listen to my ranting and I trust God will speak to you.

I remember speaking with an older Christian friend, sis Omolola Jemima Oriogun on a chat we had on whatsApp. I told her I discovered I have been acting proud and arrogant. I felt because i had written a book on ‘waiting on God’, I didn’t need to read books on being single and how to maximize this season.

After my complaining, I went ahead to read a book co-authored by John Piper and some other writers. One of the chapters was written by Carolyn McCulley, she wrote.

“Your identity has been reclaimed and reordered by the Lord. You are a Christian, a woman and currently a single adult. And that’s the order of information that is most important about you. Your most important identity is as a Christian, ransomed by God Himself. Second to that is your identity as a woman, made feminine and made in God’s image. Those two identities will never change. But your status as a single adult could change several times within your life time, so that is the least important aspect of your identity
Unfortunately, we are often packed the “single” label, and not really trusting God with it. That makes it hard to share the gospel at times, doesn’t it? It’s hard to be an authentic witness to the lost when bitterness about unanswered prayers for a husband threaten to overwhelm the joy of salvation”

So the most important aspect of your life is that you are a Christian and a woman, these are not going to change.

I had this young girl as a mentee or a sister in Christ. She kept pestering me that she had some questions to ask, hence, she needed to see me. I figured it was going to be one of our sessions, where we talked about the guys she was crushing on or who had asked her out, so I was willing to oblige her.

We got down and I told her to fire on. She went like this, “aunty blessing, I am sorry, please I need to ask you a question. It has been boggling my mind and I really want to ask”

I held her lovely eyes in a gaze that says, “You know you can always ask me anything, if it is something I cannot tell you, you know I won’t, so go on”

“Why are you not married?” she said humbly.

I was swept off my feet; I really didn’t see that coming. “You are a nice aunty, I know you love the Lord, you have fine virtues, so why are you not married?” she ended. (some of these fine things she mentioned were issues i still struggle with, so let’s not go there)

I didn’t know what to tell her. I feared this might make her see God as someone who doesn’t answer prayers, you now, like how do I navigate my answers so she could still trust God. Not necessarily because of the answer I will give but can my answer lead her to know God can actually be trusted?

It may scare her from committing totally to the Lord. My fear rose. For once, I wished she didn’t ask but I had made her believed she could ask me anything. I kept mum and stared.

But who am I to be God’s image and reputation manager, God doesn’t need anyone to help defend His ways and purpose, But why do I trust that my words alone can convince anyone about God,

See, you can teach a man about the love of God as a topic on the Sunday School manual, it is only God who can teach a man to Love Him. Trust Him. Commit to Him and be willing to die for Him.

I looked at her pretty brown eyes and replied, “I don’t know”

Really, I don’t know.

There are things I know, I will keep holding unto them tenaciously. For the things that I don’t know, I will entrust them to the hands of the Lord who knows.

I know God is good,

I know Jesus died for my sins so I could live for Him,

I know all things work together for the good of those who love God and are the called according to His purpose.

These are the things I know, I can’t afford to trade them for the things I do not know.

Would I have made a better marriage choice before now? Maybe. Would I have gotten married before now? Maybe. Even though sometimes I feel I have an idea on why I am still single, but those ideas are not the things God said to me, they were things I probably cooked up in my head.

So she nodded in agreement.

Sometimes, seemingly unanswered prayers could leads to unanswered questions and God is streaked in the middle of it all, rather than worry about the things you do not have an answer for, reinforce your commitment to the things you already know about God. Whether we like it or not, we will not be able to answer all the questions about life, the day we know how to, we have become God.

Questions like, where did God come from? Where did Cain get his wife, “I don’t know” but I know God created the universe, I will hold on to what I know.

Why don’t you have a child yet? Why is your child always sickly? Why this, why that.

Let’s stick to what we know about God and allow Him handle the aspect we do not know, remember being single is the least part of your identity and it is part that is subject to change.